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Elementary school pupils in classroomDr. Silvia provides neuropsychological assessments for children and adolescents. A neuropsychological assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation of many of the skills, abilities, and behaviors that are controlled by your child’s brain. This includes assessment of a child’s cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and academic functioning with the goal of providing individualized recommendations for him or her. Although the evaluation is comprehensive, it is specifically tailored for your child, based on his or her age and needs.

A child may be referred by his or her doctor for a neuropsychological assessment or may be self-referred (by his or her parent) for a variety of reasons, including evaluation of: Happy two girls walking indoor at school hall

  • cognitive difficulties associated with particular medical or neurodevelopmental issues, such as epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, cancer, prolonged recovery following concussion, or autism spectrum disorders
  • problems with attention and organization, including possible ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • learning disabilities or weaknesses in developing reading, math or writing skills
  • difficulty with particular cognitive skills, including memory, language, visual-spatial processing, visual-motor skills, reasoning, and executive functioning skills
  • social or emotional factors that may be impacting academic progress
  • cognitive strengths and weaknesses to inform educational strategies and recommendations for academic support services
  • the need for specialized services, such as occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, reading interventions, social skills groups, or psychotherapy
  • intellectual functioning and academic achievement for private school admission

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